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Gentle tanning &

beautiful skin.

The secret of Collarium® is its unique combination of UV light and red light. 

  • UV-A light promotes effective and gentle tanning

  • UV-B light stimulates the production of melanin in the skin, encouraging a constant supply of vitamin D. 

  • Red light stimulates the natural formation of collagen and elastin, reduces fine lines and creates supple, smooth skin.

Collarium® – The advantages

  • Improved direct tanning

  • Optimum vitamin D intake


With red BeautyLight

  • Creates smooth, soft skin

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Protects the cells against free radicals

  • Less skin odour

Collagen – Fountain of youth for the skin

Who doesn’t want a soft, tanned glow and youthful, radiant skin? The Collarium® makes this possible.  

Wrinkles and loss of tightness are a natural part of the human ageing process. This is caused by a decrease in collagen production as we age and a slower rate of skin cell regeneration. Collagen is responsible for the skin's firmness and elasticity. The younger the skin, the more collagen it produces. In order to keep skin as wrinkle-free as possible, the body's own production of collagen must be stimulated. The use of red light and collagen light has been used for many years in the anti-ageing industry. 

Fewer wrinkles, firmer skin

Treatment using red light is proven to decelerate the breakdown of collagen, resulting in improved blood circulation and can permanently firm up the skin.


Numerous dermatological studies show that there are significant improvements to areas with wrinkles, skin moisture levels and elasticity. Red light is a method of combating the causes of skin ageing internally in a natural way.


Collarium® – The modern way of tanning!

Questions & answers about Collarium®

What is collagen?

Collagen is part of the connective tissue that is responsible for the firmness, smoothness and constant regeneration of skin cells. Collagen are proteins made up of finely interwoven fibres. They form a kind of network. The connective tissue created characterises the appearance of your skin.


What are the causes of skin ageing?


As we age, the supply of nutrients to the epidermis reduces. The result is a smaller amount of collagen and elastin production. This causes the skin's tissue to loosen. The reduced cell regeneration also leads to loss of moisture and elasticity and, subsequently, the formation of wrinkles.


Can I stimulate collagen synthesis using creams and serums?

Pure collagen is commonly found as an ingredient in cosmetic care products. But can these serums and creams really boost the skin’s collagen content? Unfortunately, no. Collagen has a positive effect on the skin as it has moisturising properties; however, it cannot stimulate the body's own production of collagen.

What effect does the Collarium® have on the skin?

Certain skin cells are stimulated by the Collarium® in order to produce new collagen fibres. This process is stimulated by special light waves that are found in a certain spectrum of the light. Clinical studies have shown that skin cells regenerate up to 200 percent faster when treated with collagen light. Red light is a method of combating the causes of skin ageing internally in a natural way.

What happens to the skin exactly?


The collagen light stimulates the cells to produce collagen fibres.

  • The skin's oxygen absorption is improved.

  • The connective tissue is strengthened

  • Detoxification is stimulated

  • Improved moisture absorption and storage


Will I also get a tan in the Collarium®?

Yes. The Collarium® combines the spectrum of UV and red light for smoother skin, a wonderful, even tan and optimum vitamin D intake.


Who is the Collarium® suitable for?

For women and men who want to preserve their skin quality and reduce wrinkles while achieving a gentle, healthy tan. The Collarium® is also ideal for preparing the skin ahead of summer holidays and strong sun.


Are there studies to prove the effectiveness of collagen equipment?


Yes, there are studies. For example, a study was carried out by the University of Ulm on the Ergoline Beauty Angel. 136 test subjects took part in the scientific study. The results of light application were gathered by reviewing clinical photos, ultrasound measurements of collagen intensity, computer-based profilometry and surveys of the test subjects which were then compared with the results of the control group. The test subjects treated had significantly improved complexions, reduced roughness and increased collagen content. Experienced doctors also confirmed the visible reduction of wrinkles. In addition to the excellent results of light application, the safety of the BEAUTY ANGEL was also verified. 


What effect does vitamin D have on the body?


The Collarium® not only creates a pleasant tan but also stimulates vitamin D for healthy processes inside our body. Vitamin D is particularly important as we age because it can help to prevent age-related illnesses such as osteoporosis and arthrosis. Vitamin D also has positive effects on our mental state.

Prof Dr M F Holick on the positive effects of vitamin D (german):

The Collarium® near you

Collarium® equipment for home use

The Collarium® is also available in compact, space-saving versions for home use.


Collarium® Relax

The comfortable Collarium

for home use

Collarium® 12/0

The space-saving Collarium for home use

Pure Collagen Face 

Skin rejuvenation for the face

The Collarium® also provides a healthy tan with vitamin D and anti-ageing effect.

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