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A new era of tanning has begun.  

The demand for collagen equipment among tanning studio visitors is rising.  Not only is it important for customers to achieve a nice tan; they also want a supple and smooth complexion. Whether a gym, cosmetics studio or tanning studio, you will be sure to impress your customers with a Collarium®!


Collarium® is a registered trademark in Switzerland. The name can only be used for marketing purposes by our licensed partners with the associated original technical products. You will need a written licensing agreement to do so.

Become a Collarium® licensed partner

Cleverly convert and increase sales!

Impress your customers with a state-of-the-art Collarium®. Most tanning studios have converted to using the new Collarium®. If desired, we also offer a complete solarium facelift for your existing equipment including repainting and corresponding LED lighting.    


Benefit as a Collarium® licensed partner:

Added value for

your customers

The combination of UV and red light achieves significantly improved direct pigmentation, increased skin compatibility and a smooth complexion. Less tanning odours are left on the skin. Your customers will love the Collarium®!

More money
in your till

Our experience with Collarium® equipment shows us that former solarium users or new customers visit the tanning studio. Our marketing tools help you to generate new customers and increase sales.

Ready for the new regulation

The new solarium regulation entered into effect on 1 June 2019, which introduced a significant reduction in radiation intensity that can be balanced out using red light. We will be happy to advise you.

Become a Collarium® licensed partner

Impress your customers with the unique advantages of a Collarium. Most tanning studios can be easily converted to use the new Collarium®.  


As a licensed partner, you'll benefit from:

  • Use of the “Collarium®” trademark name

  • Free advertising material for your studio

  • Access to the high-quality original Collarium® range.



We’re here for you!

Danke für das Einreichen!

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